Cloth Carnival Limited is the fastest growing readymade garment sourcing hub and exporter with an aim to provide distinguished service level to their customers in terms of product sourcing, designing, pricing and delivering high quality products. We look to the future every day by building on our core strengths: design, sourcing & innovation. Our main objectives are to achieve sustainable growth by offering aspirational products, promoting corporate responsibility by contributing to the development of the communities where we operate, and cultivating a skilled workforce that reflects our values. The core belief of our workforce is to work as a team and make the impossible possible. The design process begins with a concept and translates trends into products that cater to the needs of the modern-day customer. Our company places great emphasis on finding the appropriate materials and factories that share our values of quality, compliance, and sustainability. Our team, comprising merchandisers, designers, quality engineers, and product development experts, works closely with factories to ensure that products meet the required standards. We understand how to transform fashion trends into marketable products that meet commercial demands. Our extensive sourcing network and innovative team enable us to adapt quickly to market shifts, ensuring that we have the right combination of fashion essentials and trend-forward pieces. We provide proactive guidance on what you should incorporate into your range to enhance your current offerings. At Cloth Carnival, our production team is composed of skilled and adaptable individuals who closely oversee critical paths, address challenges swiftly and efficiently, and ensure that timelines are met. We have a dedicated team assigned to each customer, providing them with real-time updates and options for future developments. Cloth Carnival has a strong commitment to quality, and to achieve this, we have established a robust Quality Control and Technical Support team, consisting of three distinct wings: Fabric Technology, Garment Technology, and Quality Assurance. The Fabric Technology team ensures that the appropriate fabric is used in your product, while the Garment Technology team verifies the right fit and workmanship. Lastly, the Quality Assurance team oversees the entire manufacturing process, from cutting to stitching, all the way to final packing, to guarantee that only the highest quality goods are produced.

Last but not the least Cloth Carnival has a committed ethical and compliance team that ensures that your products are produced via an ethical supply chain. Our company has an elevated level of ambition and transparency for sustainable business practices. We strongly believe that human rights are essential and non-negotiable, and we strive to operate in a responsible and sustainable manner, given that resources are limited. As our valuable client you would be glad to know that at Cloth Carnival, we have dedicated teams to manage all essential aspects of the supply chain, who offer proactive guidance and support for your account. Our knowledgeable team, from product development to delivery, has the expertise and experience to ensure that the right product is delivered on time and at the right price. Our ultimate goal is to become an organization that is recognized for its proficiency, efficiency, and dedication to delivering exceptional results to our clients.

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